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Three Main Types of Home Damage & How They May Combine in Commercial Areas

commercial restoration for property damageWhether you have a small or large business, you are constantly at risk of different types of home damage. In a way, home damage is often similar to commercial damage, but the latter would be at a bigger scale. Business owners can’t afford to have any prolonged damage as this will disrupt their day to day business, halting their revenue as well.

This is why it is important that business owners are aware of the main types of home damage in commercial properties and how these different elements may combine and wreak even more havoc.

Commercial Properties and Insurance

Given the susceptibility of commercial damage, it is no surprise that any business have insurance policies to cover a variety of claims. A commercial property is the means of livelihood for a person, so it is important to sustain it. This is why it is important for businesses to purchase commercial property insurance to safeguard their losses.

Types of Commercial Property Damage

There are three main types of commercial property damage that business owners should be on the lookout for. Moreover, one type of damage often leads to another, so timely action and contact with a commercial restoration company is also very important.

Water Damage

Water damage is very common in commercial properties. The most common cause of water damage in commercial properties is storm damage and extreme weather conditions like rain and snowfall. The problem exacerbates when the property suffers flooding. This not only damages inventory but also cause power outage. Now, water damage may also be cause by roof leaks, which will cause seepage. If left ignored, this constantly leakage will destabilize the foundation of your building. This can be a major safety risk for people working in the office.

Water damage most often affects the basement in commercial properties, and this can also damage valuable office equipment, incurring added expenses for the business and possibly disrupting daily operations as well. Water, if left to sit for too long, will also damage the flooring, especially wooden flooring, which is often very expensive. Water damage will often lead to mold growth, which is also another type of damage in commercial properties that will be discussed below.

Fire Damage

Fire damage, be it anywhere, is very dangerous and can pose a life threatening risk to people working in the building. Commercial properties are more at risk of fire damage in comparison to residential properties. Fire damage is very extensive, and has long-lasting effects in the form of smoke damage. Since time is money in any business, delay in dealing with fire damage can cause a lot of monetary loss for the business.

When we analyze the common causes of commercial fires, smoking is the number one reason. There are many people who are smoking in commercial buildings, and any bud that hasn’t been properly put out can be a possible fire hazard. Electrical and lighting equipment are also a major cause of fires in offices due to overheating that may go ignored. Since commercial properties are also susceptible to arson, you should have a fire damage restoration company on standby. Fire damage can lead to water damage, which will then lead to mold growth and damage, so it’s all connected. Fire damage will lead to smoke damage, which will take ages to remove from the property. Smoke damage may also cause a host of respiratory issues among workers, leading to increased absenteeism and reduction in productivity, and hence profits.

Mold Damage

Mold damage is another common threat in commercial properties. Commercial properties have large ventilation systems, which breed moisture. Presence of moisture will lead to growth of mold. Mold starts growing in damp and humid environments. Once mold spores form, they will quickly spread to other parts of the building. Mold can quickly ruin organic materials like wood, upholstery, paper and cardboard, which will mean loss of important things for the business.

Most commercial properties witness standing water, especially in the basement. This dark and damp environment serves as the perfect breeding ground for mold. There are many different mold types, and some of these are even toxic. Mold can release toxins, and cause harmful allergic and other reactions among workers. Leaking roofs and plumbing issues that cause water damage will inevitably lead to mold damage when and if left ignored. Mold is more common to spreading in commercial properties because mold spores can be brought in from outside through air vents and heating and cooling units.

How Are These Interrelated?

Fire damage will often lead to water damage in commercial properties. When an office detects a fire, the fire extinguisher will start doing its job. This releases water, and moisture can seep into different parts of the commercial property. When water is left to linger, this can not only wreak the foundation of a building, but also lead to mold growth. Mold growth will then cause health problems among people working at the property and also ruin important materials.

This is why whether you experience fire damage, water damage or mold damage, you should get help immediately. This will prevent the damage from spreading, and causes major loss in profits for the company.

Commercial Restoration

If you want to help commercial properties with different types of property damage, you should get a 911 Restoration Franchise. Associated with a reputable restoration brand name, you will not only help save the property, but precious lives as well.

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