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Part of starting a restoration business is knowing every last detail of your financial obligation. Know that with the right support, your investment will result in years of prosperity.  When you request info about our restoration franchise, you can ask about the financial investment other recent successful franchisees have made and what the average return projection is. In the meantime, here is some information pertinent to your potential franchise opportunities.

  • 911 Restoration Franchisee revenue increases exponentially with average first year revenue exceeding $340K *
  • Average water restoration transactions is over $3,600. 5 customers a month = $18,000 in revenue*
  • For emergency restoration service, the close rate is over 44%
  • Average restoration business margins are over 45% *
  • Average profit for water damage companies in the 911 Restoration family are over $150K in annual profits. *
  • *Information taken from Item 19 of 2017 Franchise Disclosure Document
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