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How would your future benefit if it were supported by a multi-million-dollar marketing system? With 911 Restoration, that major advantage is closer than you think. Our marketing team has spent decades in the restoration industry, developing the skills, experience, and techniques to ensure your business is seen on all search engines, a solid local directory presence, and the precise bidding campaigns in PPC to make your franchise successful.

Over the course of those years, we’ve invested millions into experimentation, which yielded the massive results we see today. We developed new technologies including apps and tools that streamline the marketing effort have you dominate your territory quickly and thoroughly.

Why 911 Restoration consistently outranks the competitors:

  • Dedicated, in-house team that knows how to win the restoration market
  • Centralized lead generation system tailored to 911 Restoration in your territory
  • Branches grow together, rather than compete. 911 Restoration is a family
  • Over 100 different websites providing data on experiments to further your experience
  • Decades of experience driving your success that has worked for 100s before you
  • Google Partnership expedites puts us on the frontline of beta updates
  • 24/7 Support, because we lead by example



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911 Restoration of Lehigh Valley

"My whole life and everything around it
has changed because of 911 Restoration."