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Our Philosophy

911 Restoration Franchise Mission

Our mission is to build a Fresh Start culture that provides people with the best customer experience and a better, brighter future.

Franchise Philosophy & Principles

Our philosophy is that everyone deserves a Fresh Start. Here at 911 Restoration, we believe that anyone can change the world, make a difference, and create a better future for themselves and others. With this franchise philosophy in mind, we like to think of ourselves as difference makers rather than simply a disaster restoration franchise.

This is what we call the Fresh Start Attitude.

Fresh start attitude

  • Be the difference
  • Be the new eyes that look at old problems
  • Be the positive in every negative
  • Be respectful to everyone
  • Be grateful and humble
  • Be a leader through support
  • Be the change in the world by changing yourself
  • Be healthy
  • Be bold, do something new
  • Be here tomorrow to do it all over again
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