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Jan 7 2021

My Company Thrived in a “Dumpster Fire” Year. Here’s How Yours Can Do the Same in 2021.

Published on Thursday, January 7 2021

As midnight approached on December 31, 2020, very few people found themselves reflecting fondly on the past year. In fact, most had been eagerly awaiting 2021 since June. 2020 was a year fraught with anxiety, uncertainty, and profound loss. And yet, even as we celebrate...  Read more

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Oct 23 2020

You Can’t Do This Alone: How to Find the People Who Will Help Build Your Empire

Published on Friday, October 23 2020

No one builds a meaningful career alone. It’s so easy to forget this when you are the sole owner of your business. You are the one with the most to lose if your business fails and the most to gain if it succeeds. Your company...  Read more

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Sep 21 2020

Confidence: The Secret Key to Success for Business Owners

Published on Monday, September 21 2020

You’ve heard all the inspirational stories about great visionaries who believed in themselves no matter what anyone else said. Walt Disney was fired from the Kansas City Star because he “lacked imagination.” Oprah lost her first job as a TV news reporter because—as her employer...  Read more

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Aug 25 2020

Get Selfish: Why It’s Time to Stop Putting Others First

Published on Tuesday, August 25 2020

You skip your morning workout to help your business partner put out a fire. You spend your lunch break on the phone with your elderly dad so he doesn’t get too lonely. You keep delaying your dream project to spend time helping stressed employees navigate...  Read more

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Aug 19 2020

The Struggle is Real: Turn Your Greatest Challenge into Your Greatest Asset

Published on Wednesday, August 19 2020

Struggle can be paralyzing. Financial uncertainty, health problems, personal challenges . . . whatever you’re dealing with, the obstacles you face can make you feel small and powerless. Fear and anxiety creep in. You become convinced that this is life. This paralysis, this obstacle —...  Read more

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Jul 23 2020

The Undeniable Power of Taking a Break

Published on Thursday, July 23 2020

When was the last time you felt like you truly had control over your work day? How often does the goal you set in the morning become derailed by lunchtime? Do you still feel like you’re driving forward towards an ultimate purpose, or are you...  Read more

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Jun 17 2020

Stop Wishing Things Would Go Back to Normal. Wish for This Instead.

Published on Wednesday, June 17 2020

It has only been three months since states across the U.S. started enforcing extreme social distancing measures, but somehow, we already feel years removed from the life we once knew. Now, as restaurants, salons, and gyms start opening again, we see — and even collectively...  Read more

woman sitting on mountain looking triumphant
May 15 2020

Be. Create. Expand: A Short Guide to Not Wasting Your Life in a Career You Hate

Published on Friday, May 15 2020

Do you love your job enough to do it for free? Probably not, right? Most people don’t. For most people, a career is a duty or a means to an end. Sure, you might occasionally run into someone who gushes, “I can’t believe I get...  Read more

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