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How Commercial Restoration Works – Document Restoration

A damage book slightly burned by fire

If you think you’ve lost everything in the aftermath of a disaster, then you aren’t unaware of how commercial restoration works these days.  We understand that dealing with severe water damage from torrential storms, floods, combating fire, and managing mold infestation inside your commercial property can take a toll on anyone.

A lot of times losing official documents, resource books, and photographs as a result of the damage can prove costly for your business. The good news is that we’ve found a way to save those important items and damaged archives. 

 As your trusted commercial restoration service providers, we offer specialized document restoration services as part of our recovery plan. Each technique gets adapted according to the situation to achieve positive outcomes. 

Here’s an overview of how commercial restoration works for document recovery: 

The Checklist: What Types of Documents Are Salvageable in the Aftermath of a Disaster?

Many business owners and managers throw out damaged documents when they’re doing an inventory to see what can be recovered and what’s lost after a disaster. Knowing what types of documents can be restored can help you save sensitive records and confidential files with our assistance. 

Our IICRC-certified commercial restoration experts have the necessary training and experience to manage effective document recovery and paper restoration during these incidents. We use specialized tools and advanced technology to restore nearly everything from standard paper documents, books to media files (i.e. photographs, reels, and glossy paper). 

Here’s a list of sub-services we offer for document restoration: 

Besides this, we know how to restore damaged data storage devices such as compact discs, laser discs, diskettes, and even magnetic material.

Advanced Documentation Restoration Services 

More importantly, our document restoration services include replication and preservation. That means we aim to reverse damages by making damaged items look good as new. This aspect of the job requires tasks like:

In short, the 911 Restoration Franchise goes above and beyond to help commercial businesses recover lost data and documents.

 If you’re into restoration services or have IICRC training, you can join our Franchise to become part of a team of experts in commercial and residential restoration. 

The Procedure: How Commercial Restoration Works for Damaged Documents?

Saving damaged documents and photographs can be a race against time due to the chemical processes that take place after these items get exposed to environmental elements. You’re advised to call your local branch from the 911 Restoration Franchise as soon as possible to salvage sensitive items. That way, we can mitigate risks and preserve whatever’s left of your precious records.

Like any other commercial restoration procedure, we do a proper assessment of the damage done to create effective plans for the recovery process. Our specialists use high-grade equipment and their scientific knowledge about paper decay and photograph damage to minimize the loss during different situations. 

Moreover, we closely monitor and guard our facilities to ensure that only authorized personnel enter our recovery lab. The additional security ensures that your confidential documents and trade secrets remain safe from prying eyes and corporate rivals. 

Here’s how commercial restoration works in each scenario:

Saving Documents and Photographs after a Fire  

Soot and fire damage can destroy documents permanently. Hence, our document restoration services for fire incidents involve the recovery of partially burnt items and soot-coated archives. All the material we find gets cleaned via advanced restoration techniques such as ionized air washing and particulate removal sponges. 

After soot removal, we deodorize the documents to eliminate the distinctive burning smell of smoke and fire. 

Restoring Water-Damaged Documents 

Whether your important documents got wet and water-damaged by a flooded facility, leak, or burst pipe, there’s no need to worry.  We are fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology and industrial-grade equipment to handle this situation. 

In case of water damage, our first goal revolves around desiccant drying, freeze-drying techniques (using thermal vacuum freeze dryers and vacuum freeze dryers). Paper material and photographic content might require specialized molecular sieves for efficient recovery. 

After removing all the traces of water residue, we move onto the preservation phase to protect recovered documents from potential deterioration. 

Restoring Documents Damaged by a Mold Infestation 

911 Restoration Franchise strives to pave the way for one-of-a-kind commercial restoration services to assist our clients. We take great pride in being one of the few companies within America and Canada that know how to recover documents infected with mold, mildew and/or bacteria.  

The main process features gamma radiation and electron beam radiation for effective sterilization to eradicate mold (or bacterial) growth from the damaged item. We also use neutralization techniques and other recovery methods to prevent decay.


In short, we do our best to keep things under control during and after emergencies related to commercial buildings and warehouses. We come to the target site within 45-minutes of your call to get into action. Knowing how commercial restoration works, it’s important to assess the situation before we begin our recovery process. All valuable items get packed and relocated to save them from further damage as we prepare for our document restoration services

You can trust our technicians to use their vast experience in document recovery to save your records and return them to their prime condition. 

Looking for document restoration experts? Find a branch near you with our location navigator.  

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