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Mar 20 2020

The Current Crisis Has a Gift to Offer You. Here’s How to Claim It.

Published on Friday, March 20 2020

Do you feel like the apocalypse has suddenly descended without warning? You are definitely not alone. As we all greeted 2020 with hopeful hearts, not one of us could have predicted that in a few short months we’d all be locked away in our homes,...  Read more

coronavirus under microscope
Mar 13 2020

No One is Asking You to Panic About Coronavirus. They are Asking You to Look Beyond Yourself.

Published on Friday, March 13 2020

As major events are canceled across the country and our society pushes for social isolation, we begin to hear calls of courage and defiance. “I refuse to live in fear.” “We cannot put our lives on hold.” “This has been blown way out of proportion....  Read more

stop negotiating with youself
Feb 21 2020

Want to Finally Earn What You’re Worth? Stop Negotiating With Yourself.

Published on Friday, February 21 2020

You know the market value of your service is higher than what you actually make. You have colleagues who perform the exact same work but earn more than you. They’re living the kind of life you still only dream about. Why are they excelling while...  Read more

achieving goals
Jan 2 2020

Actually, Finally Change Your Life in 2020

Published on Thursday, January 2 2020

Remember how inspired you used to feel at the beginning of a new year? All that motivation to start over, conquer new goals, and take your personal and professional life to the next level… the New Year used to brim with possibility. But now things...  Read more

Nov 8 2019

This Quality Is Your Greatest Strength — but It Can Also Be Your Downfall

Published on Friday, November 8 2019

Consider this situation: Todd knew things couldn’t go on like this much longer. Kyle, his sales manager, had dropped the ball one too many times. Their close ratio was down, customer reviews claimed it took too long to get a call back, and Todd could...  Read more

Oct 7 2019

Innovate or Die: Keeping Your Company Alive in a Competitive Market

Published on Monday, October 7 2019

What are your dreams for your company? Do you see your business opening new locations in the coming years? Do you hope to double sales in the next eighteen months? Are you looking forward to the day when you can sell your company, retire early,...  Read more

business team growth hiring
Aug 15 2019

Time to Turn Your One-Person Business Into a Team? Here’s How to Minimize Hiring Risks.

Published on Thursday, August 15 2019

You’ve been doing great as a one-person business. You get a few referrals every week. You close most of the leads and handle every job personally. You’ve earned a reputation for doing quality work, and you can see that you’re well on your way towards...  Read more

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Jul 19 2019

Stop Feeling, Start Calculating: Transforming Your Trade Mindset Into a Business Mindset

Published on Friday, July 19 2019

A lot of tradespeople dream of becoming successful business owners, of creating a thriving company—a legacy—that can be passed onto their children. But when many tradespeople try to make the move from employee to business owner, they find that building a business is much harder...  Read more

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