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How to Convert a Carpet Cleaning Business to a Restoration Franchise

When it comes to owning a restoration franchise with 911 Restoration, new franchise owner candidates can come from all different backgrounds, businesses, and industries. For example, while some of our franchisees are entrepreneurs who know a top franchise opportunity when they see it, most of our franchise owners are actually previous business owners who convert their current company, such as a carpet cleaning business, to a cleaning restoration franchise with us. Converting your current carpet cleaning company to a restoration business is not only a beneficial and lucrative business opportunity for a number of reasons we’ll discuss below, but the transition process couldn’t be smoother, setting you up for success.

Carpet Cleaning Businesses that Convert to Restoration are “Cleaning Up”

Make More Money RestorationDue to the fact that the restoration industry and specifically the restoration franchise industry is considered recession-proof at a current value of $210 billion annually and growing, converted carpet cleaning businesses are “cleaning up” financially when they make the transition to a restoration business with 911 Restoration franchise.

Perhaps you’re a carpet cleaner or own a carpet cleaning company and for one reason or another, you’re not satisfied with your current income or profit margins. If this describes your situation, converting your current carpet cleaning business to a restoration franchise with 911 Restoration is a great, lucrative business opportunity for a number of reasons. For one, as stated above, the restoration franchise industry is recession-proof and growing. This is because of factors like global warming contributing to more water damage, flood damage, and fire damage as a result of natural disasters. As a result, converted restoration franchises are not only averaging more jobs per week, but the average transaction amount of these jobs is usually higher as well.

These are just some of the countless reasons why more and more contractors, including carpet cleaning professionals, are making the switch to the restoration industry and specifically are looking to own a franchise with 911 Restoration. Additionally, the conversion process to restoration is particularly smooth for carpet cleaning businesses because many of these companies already have existing equipment, vehicles, and manpower in place that they can utilize in their new restoration business. This will not only save you the new franchise owner time, but money as well.

Converting a Carpet Cleaning Company to a Restoration Business: The Process

Carpet Cleaning equipmentConverting your carpet cleaning business to a restoration business or restoration franchise is not only potentially extremely profitable, but it’s also incredibly easy. For example, many of our current 911 Restoration franchise owners who came from the carpet cleaning industry already had existing technicians, vans and other vehicles, and most importantly necessary equipment like extraction machines and dehumidifiers.

What this means is that when it comes to the initial investment to start their restoration business, like purchasing restoration equipment, they end up having to pay much less upfront. Not only does this save the new restoration franchise owner all kinds of money, potentially thousands of dollars, but it also saves them the hassle of having to go out and buy the equipment itself. So when you finally do open your restoration franchise for business, you’ll be benefiting from more money in your pocket, and more profit per water damage job due to already existing restoration equipment.

The rest of the carpet cleaning conversion process to restoration is just as smooth and simple because at 911 Restoration we’ll walk you through everything you need to get started in your new restoration business. From helping you brand your vehicles, equipment, and uniforms to getting you and your team properly trained in all the necessary restoration services needed to run a successful restoration business, 911 Restoration franchise has you covered every step of the way. In fact, the founders of 911 Restoration actually started in the carpet cleaning business themselves, so they’ve literally been in your shoes before. Additionally, at 911 Restoration franchise we have a proven successful franchise model as well as a multi-million dollar marketing system to ensure that you are set up for success with your new cleaning restoration franchise.

Learn How to Convert your Carpet Cleaning Business to a Restoration Franchise Today

If you’re looking to make more money with your current carpet cleaning business, be your own boss, and get one step closer to fulfilling your career goals and dreams, then converting your current carpet cleaning company to a 911 Restoration franchise is a franchise opportunity you’ll definitely want to explore. In addition to greater profit margins, unmatched franchise support from a proven restoration franchisor, and the ability to be your own boss and make more business decisions, you’ll also benefit from being part of one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S. that is currently valued at $210 billion annually and only growing. To learn more about one of the best franchise opportunities in any industry, call our franchise development team at (877) 643-5766 or download a FREE starter kit here to begin your journey.

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