Edmonton Restoration Franchise Opportunities

Reasons to Own a Disaster Restoration Franchise in Edmonton

Edmonton is beloved as a center of Canadian culture and history. But with the city’s undeniable charm comes unpredictable and often intense weather patterns. Alberta has been hit time and again with natural disasters ranging from devastating wildfires to massive floods. Between wild summer storms and freezing winters, Alberta is in constant need of compassionate disaster restoration specialists. This is why 911 Restoration franchise seeks to open new restoration franchise locations in Edmonton, Calgary, and throughout Alberta. 911 Restoration is one of the fastest-growing franchises in North America, with a name that’s already well-known in hundreds of cities across the U.S. and Canada. It’s time to bring our name to Edmonton, and we’re looking for hard-working visionaries to join our team as franchise owners.

A Recession-Proof $210 Billion Restoration Franchise Opportunity in Edmonton

As a savvy business owner, you’ve likely already weighed the pros and cons of various franchise options. But if you haven’t yet considered a disaster restoration franchise, you should know: restoration is now considered a $210 billion industry. All you need to do is turn on the news to understand why. With the rise of global warming and more extreme weather patterns, the need for expert property restoration services will only increase. Restoration never goes out of style. Technology can never make it obsolete. And in Alberta, demand will only increase year after year as the region’s already-challenging climate grows more intense. In other words, restoration is a truly recession-proof industry.

If you work in restoration services such as plumbing or roofing, you already know that serving your community in this way is both fulfilling and lucrative. By transitioning to full property restoration with 911 Restoration, you increase those benefits exponentially without having to pivot to an entirely new industry. That said, if you’re new to the world of restoration and property repair, we still want to hear from you. We are eager to work with any entrepreneur who exhibits a strong work ethic, a willingness to learn, and 911 Restoration’s signature Fresh Start attitude. We provide training for all franchise owners and assist with the necessary certifications. You have the drive; we provide the knowledge.

The Top Franchise Opportunity in Edmonton Is at 911 Restoration Franchise

Did you know 911 Restoration ranks among the best franchises in the U.S., according to Entrepreneur? Thanks to the hard work of franchise owners throughout the continent, we have become one of the most recognized names in disaster restoration. Whether they’re dealing with a natural disaster, wildfire damage, or water damage, hundreds of thousands of property owners think of 911 Restoration first when confronted with a home or business crisis. Our brand is now associated with expertise, compassion, and emergency response. When you decide to open a 911 Restoration franchise in Alberta, you’re putting your most valuable assets behind a name you can trust — a name that already means something.



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One of our most distinctive characteristics as a company is our overall philosophy that every challenge is an opportunity for a Fresh Start. We believe that every obstacle makes us better, and that every error presents a chance to be wiser, more effective team members. If you share this belief, we want to work with you. In return for your commitment to 911 Restoration’s mission and values, you’ll benefit from a multi-million dollar marketing system, high transactions, and a lead close rate that averages around 44%. You’ll also enjoy the deep satisfaction of providing much-needed, high quality restoration services to your community. Property owners in Alberta deserve a franchise like 911 Restoration, and they need a business leader like you.

We’re Currently Seeking 911 Restoration Franchise Owners Throughout Canada

There is high demand for cleaning restoration franchises throughout Alberta, and it’s increasing by the day. From property floods to sewage backup to fire destruction, there will always be a business or homeowner in Edmonton who needs your help. 911 Restoration recognizes the heightened vulnerability of this area, and we’re looking for franchise owners who can step up and open new locations right away. With climate change on the rise, now is the time to get in the game and establish your franchise as the #1 disaster restoration business in Edmonton and beyond. At the very least, give yourself the opportunity to learn more.  Call us at (877) 643-5766. A new phase of your career is just on the horizon.

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