Maine Restoration Franchise Opportunities

Why 911 Restoration has the Best Franchise Opportunities in Maine 

911 Restoration is committed to helping residents and commercial property owners receive a “Fresh Start” following flooding, fire damage, and other natural or accidental disasters. If you are looking for new franchise opportunities in 2021, consider owning a top franchise with 911 Restoration. 

While there are many franchise opportunities in Maine, not many are as profitable or recession-proof as the restoration industry. As a prospective franchise owner, you’ll have the opportunity to make a difference by providing essential water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, and sanitization services benefiting residents and property owners in Maine and cities like Portland, Lewiston, and Bangor. 

Recognized as one of the top franchises in the U.S., 911 Restoration provides franchises with all the tools they need to succeed and help customers with speedy restoration. When you join 911 Restoration, you’ll receive ongoing support and training as well as management support.

With a proven track record of growing small owner restoration businesses, 911 Restoration provides consistent lead sources and management support. You don’t have to have prior restoration experience in order to own a 911 Restoration franchise. In fact, we offer a week of intensive training at our Los Angeles headquarters. You’ll learn everything from the marketing and business side to water damage restoration and mold detection. 

With over 200 territories, 911 Restoration sets franchise owners up for success. As a “Fresh Start” company, we provide ice dam removal, water damage restoration, smoke removal, mold decontamination, flood cleanup, and sanitization. 

With a track record of supporting small owners and restoration businesses, 911 Restoration encourages all individuals to apply. You don’t need previous restoration experience to be successful and own a top franchise. 

The Best Restoration and Cleaning Franchise to Own in Maine

If you’re considering the best franchise to own in 2021, it is undoubtedly the restoration franchise industry. Considered “recession-proof,” the restoration industry is valued at $210 billion and is a great franchise business opportunity and career change for those looking to make a difference in their local communities. 

As you start the new year, consider being part of a nationwide restoration movement. You’ll be providing critical leadership to the 911 Restoration Maine branch and surrounding cities like Portland, Lewiston, and Bangor. 

To ensure the success of your cleaning franchise in Maine, you’ll have access to local business development training from 911 Restoration, along with other vital management tools.

Owning a top franchise can seem like a daunting new move. 911 Restoration helps you succeed by giving you the tools needed to provide quality water damage restoration, fire damage, and sanitization services in Maine and cities like Portland, Lewiston, and Bangor.


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Why You Should Consider Owning a Cleaning Franchise in Maine 

Maine faces humid summers and cold winters that may cause flooding, ice dam issues, and extensive property damage. 

As a top franchise, 911 Restoration works quickly to eradicate moisture from properties so that residential and property owners can resume operations. Owning a cleaning franchise in Maine can be a good investment in areas like Maine hit hard by disasters. 

There are many perks to owning a franchise with 911 Restoration. If you’d like to make a big impact and lead a team of dedicated restoration professionals in Maine, consider becoming a franchise owner with 911 Restoration. 

You’ll have the opportunity to transform your career and provide essential restoration services to residents and property owners in Maine and cities like Portland, Lewiston, and Bangor.

Why 911 Restoration is the Top Franchise to Purchase in 2021 

As a nationwide restoration company with decades of experience, 911 Restoration is recession-proof and profitable. This means that no matter how the economy is doing, 911 Restoration will continue to be a vital property restoration resource for customers. 

Be a part of a top franchise opportunity and lead with compassion and ongoing support from our 911 Restoration franchise headquarters. We are grateful that you have taken the first step to own a top franchise in Maine. 

If you would like to purchase a top franchise, contact 911 Restoration. You can call us at (877) 643-5766 or learn more about our current available franchise opportunities here. 

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