Vermont Restoration Franchise Opportunities

Why You Should Own a Disaster Restoration Franchise in Vermont

Vermont is one of the safest states in the entire country to live and raise a family in, both in terms of general safety as well as frequency and intensity of natural disasters in the region. In fact, Vermont sustained only $220,000 in storm damage due to Hurricane Sandy in 2012 and suffered no flooding. While this is encouraging news for local residents and anyone looking to move or retire to Vermont, that doesn’t mean that the state still doesn’t experience its fair share of natural disasters including heavy rain, intense winds, storm surges, freezing temperatures, blizzards, and occasionally even hurricanes. And when these disasters do happen, it’s important that the local community has reliable restoration franchises covering disaster restoration issues like water damage, flood damage, and mold remediation. Unfortunately for both us and the great citizens of Vermont, we currently do not have a cleaning restoration franchise in Vermont at this time, but we’re hoping to change that very soon with your help.

New Restoration Franchises Needed in Vermont in Case of Natural Disasters

Owning a restoration franchise or any other type of cleaning business in Vermont is a lucrative business opportunity for a number of reasons. For example, the cleaning restoration franchise industry is currently valued at $210 billion annually and growing, making it recession-proof and something more and more business owners are looking into. In fact, carpet cleaners who make the switch to the restoration business end up making more money on average in profit, starting in the first year of owning a restoration franchise.

It’s with this in mind that we ask any interested carpet cleaning businesses or business owners in related industries to explore Vermont franchise opportunities with 911 Restoration. And even if you’re not in a related restoration industry and are just an entrepreneur looking for the best franchise opportunities available, that’s no problem either, because no previous experience is needed to own a disaster restoration franchise in Vermont with 911 Restoration. In fact, we’ll get you trained in everything you need to succeed in business, including training in water damage restoration and flood cleanup. This is just one of the reasons why our 911 Restoration franchise offers some of the best franchise opportunities in the entire country.

The Best Restoration Franchise Opportunities in Vermont are at 911 Restoration

In addition to the $210 billion recession-proof industry and the fact that no previous water damage experience is needed to own a restoration franchise with 911 Restoration, there are countless benefits to franchising with the Fresh Start Company. For instance, we were recently ranked one of the Top 50 fastest growing franchises in the U.S. by Entrepreneur, in addition to being ranked one of the Top 500 franchises in the country. We’re extremely proud of both of these accomplishments, and we’re hoping to add new franchise owners in Burlington and other Vermont cities as we continue to grow.

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We also have a large network of franchise owners in New England to give you additional franchise support. Current franchisees in the area include 911 Restoration branches in New Hampshire, Connecticut, Boston, and Rhode Island, and these franchise owners come from a wide range of industries, including restoration, carpet cleaning, general contracting, and air duct cleaning. In fact, the founders of 911 Restoration franchise also started in carpet cleaning, so regardless of what industry you’re currently in, we’ve been in your exact shoes before or have a franchise owner who has. So if you’re a current cleaning business owner in Burlington, for example, or just an interested investor looking for the best restoration franchise opportunities, read further to find out how to get started with 911 Restoration today.

911 Restoration Hoping to Open New Restoration Franchise Locations in Vermont

Due to the facts that we don’t have a 911 Restoration franchise location in the state as well as all of the lucrative business opportunities in the region, Vermont is one of the top areas we’re hoping to expand our disaster restoration services to soon. We offer franchise benefits you won’t find with any other cleaning restoration franchise in Vermont, including 24/7 franchise support, local franchisees to help you succeed, and a proven business model in a $210 billion recession-proof industry. So if you’re interested in becoming a new restoration franchise owner in Burlington, Montpelier, or another area of Vermont, don’t hesitate to contact our franchise specialists at (877) 643-5766 today or click here for a FREE starter kit to get started now.