Oregon Restoration Franchise Opportunities

Keep Oregon Safe by Owning a Pacific Northwest Restoration Franchise

Did you know that Oregon is considered the safest state to live in the United States? Even though the state is incredibly safe, Oregon residents are no strangers to occasional natural disasters. While the state enjoys temperate climates and beautiful natural scenery for most of the year, the region experiences a wide range of different types of natural disasters and weather events including wildfires, flooding, earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides, avalanches, and droughts. While several of these weather events are not common in the area, the property damage to Oregon homes and businesses resulting from these disasters is widespread and costly. To best reduce damages, expenses, and significant property loss, Oregon communities need friendly, knowledgeable, and reliable restoration businesses throughout the state, which is why we’re offering lucrative franchise opportunities in Oregon and other parts of the Pacific Northwest.

Strange Weather History in Oregon Can Provide Restoration Franchise Opportunities

Many natural disasters in Oregon are caused by worsening climate change and global warming conditions. Throughout Oregon, residents can expect to experience drought, severe storms, high winds, tsunamis, landslides, and wildfires.

Of all the Oregon natural disasters, the 1962 Columbus Day storm is among the most infamous among residents, especially those who lived through the event. Winds reached up to 179 miles per hour, completely destroying homes, buildings, and city infrastructures. In addition to the heavy, damaging winds, the storm also produced record amounts of rainfall, creating landslides throughout the area. At the time, the damages produced from this disaster caused $200 million in restoration costs — with inflation, this equals $3 billion today. While these disastrous weather events do not occur regularly, they do happen frequently enough that the Pacific Northwest could greatly benefit from helpful and knowledgeable cleaning restoration professionals.

The Top Oregon Restoration Franchise Opportunities are at 911 Restoration Franchise

With global warming worsening, restoration companies are needed throughout Oregon and the greater Pacific Northwest now more than ever. These unexpected events cause extensive property damage, including fire and water damage, and only trained and responsive disaster restoration professionals can reduce the amount of damages experienced from natural disasters. At 911 Restoration, we have several Oregon restoration franchise opportunities available including in the Eugene and Medford areas, and we are looking for qualified franchisees to join our successful team and take advantage of this recession-proof, $210 billion restoration industry.


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When you become a part of the 911 Restoration franchise team, you’ll become part of an exciting and fast growing industry. Additionally, by joining the Fresh Start Company, you’ll experience benefits you won’t find with other disaster restoration franchises. For example, 911 Restoration was recently recognized as one of the fastest growing franchises in the country and one of the Top 500 franchises in the U.S. by Entrepreneur. We also encourage anyone to join the restoration industry, regardless of your experience, because here we’ll train you and ensure that you have all the certifications needed to successfully own an Oregon restoration business. Finally, at 911 Restoration franchise, we believe that a restoration franchise owner can make more money while also making a difference in their local community. By starting a restoration franchise in Oregon, you can use exceptional cleaning processes to restore their lives and their homes, giving residents peace of mind, while giving you a lasting feeling of accomplishment.

Open a Cleaning Restoration Franchise in Oregon or the Pacific Northwest Today

If this sounds like a great business opportunity, it’s time to take the next step toward owning a cleaning restoration franchise in the Pacific Northwest. By opening an Oregon restoration franchise with 911 Restoration, you’ll have more control over your personal and economic future, have a rewarding new career, and make a tangible difference in your local community. We believe in offering unmatched restoration efforts throughout the country and providing all of our Oregon franchise owners with growth opportunities and fulfillment. Learn more about our Oregon restoration franchise opportunities today by calling (877) 643-5766 or download our FREE starter kit to get started right now!