Oklahoma Restoration Franchise Opportunities

The Benefits of Owning a Restoration Franchise in Oklahoma

Despite being right in the middle of Tornado Alley, Oklahoma is still one of the most popular areas in the Midwest in which to live or own a business. Some of the reasons for this popularity include a low cost of living, friendly residents, and beautiful scenery. However, due to disasters like tornadoes, storms, and flooding being common occurrences in this region, property owners frequently experience damage to their properties. With this in mind, there’s no better time than now to explore restoration cleaning franchise opportunities in cities like Oklahoma City with a large enough population to own a franchise.

Disasters like Tornadoes Provide Oklahoma Restoration Franchise Opportunities

Due to the frequency and intensity of disasters like tornadoes in and around “Tornado Alley,” states like Oklahoma experience a lot of storm damage to residential and commercial properties that require reliable disaster restoration services. In addition to increased occurrences of tornadoes, this area of the country is also prone to natural disasters such as intense storms, freezing temperatures, and frequent flooding.

This is one of the main reasons why disaster restoration professionals and Oklahoma business owners in adjacent trades like carpet cleaning, roofing, and janitorial services are doing so well in this region of the country. So if you’re a carpet cleaner, roofer, or janitor in Tulsa or Oklahoma City currently looking at possible cleaning franchise opportunities and janitorial franchises in Oklahoma, definitely consider disaster restoration franchise opportunities as well, so you, too, can take advantage of this booming $210 billion industry.

The Best Oklahoma Franchise Opportunities are at 911 Restoration Franchise

Some of the very best franchise opportunities in Oklahoma — or in any region for that matter — are at 911 Restoration franchise. With the Fresh Start Company, you can invest in a low cost franchise in Tulsa or Oklahoma City, in addition to other areas of Oklahoma, while being your own boss and making more money per job. In addition to the franchise support you’ll receive from headquarters and local restoration franchise locations in nearby areas like Dallas, Kansas City, and Jefferson County, you’ll also benefit from the fact that 911 Restoration is one of the fastest growing franchises in the United States, this coming from the prestigious publication Entrepreneur. Our rapid franchise growth has seen our company grow from 65 to 132 franchise locations since 2017, and we’re now looking to add new Oklahoma franchisees.

There is no “perfect candidate” to become a restoration cleaning franchise owner, as long as you have some or all of following qualities that we look for in a potential new franchisee: strong work ethic, willingness to learn, and a desire to help others. Business owners in similar trades to water damage restoration should also inquire about our Oklahoma franchise opportunities, as we’re currently seeking everyone from Oklahoma carpet cleaners to independent contractors to roofers, for instance. Prior experience in the restoration industry is not a requirement, as many of our current 911 Restoration franchise owners have come from different industries. Regardless of experience, rest assured that you and your team will be adequately trained in the disaster restoration services you need to open a successful restoration company in Oklahoma.


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911 Restoration Eager to Expand Franchise Operations into Oklahoma

Despite having a high rate of natural disasters in the area, including tornadoes, flooding, and freezing temperatures, our 911 Restoration franchise regrettably only has one location in Oklahoma right now. That being said, we’re hoping to expand throughout the state soon and are looking for new franchisees in particular in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. For more information on cleaning franchise opportunities in Oklahoma or even the surrounding Midwest states, don’t hesitate to call our franchise team at (877) 643-5766 or get started now by downloading our FREE starter package here.