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Do I Still Need to Disinfect My Home & Office?

Do I Still Need to Disinfect My Home & Office?The world has come a long way since the events of 2021, and while we may have won the battle following the vaccine development earlier this year, the war is far from over. So, in case you’re asking yourself, “Do I still need to infect my home & office?,” the short answer is yes. COVID-19 is still wreaking havoc worldwide, and you need to disinfect your property using products recommended by the WHO and CDC.

This post will talk about the importance of regularly disinfecting commercial and residential properties in the new normal.

Cleaning Vs. Disinfecting

We all understand the importance of a clean indoor environment in our homes and at work. However, there are different degrees of “clean” and different requirements for “clean.” By definition, cleaning refers to the physical removal of germs, dirt, grime, and impurities using a soap/detergent solution. Unfortunately, this process isn’t designed to kill germs, and as a result, most property owners are still at risk of spreading infections, such as COVID-19. This is where disinfecting or sanitizing comes in – a more extensive cleaning process that involves using more powerful chemicals (industry-grade disinfectants) to kill germs on surfaces, thereby lowering the risk of spreading infection.

The Importance of Regularly Disinfecting Your Office in the New Normal

1.    Your Health is at Stake

A working professional spends 6-9 hours on average at the office. With workplaces gradually reopening following the lifted restrictions worldwide, you must keep your office environment clean and sanitary at all times. Dust, germs, and dirt can trigger different health problems, like flu, fever, rashes, COVID-19, and respiratory problems. Here are some of the most common areas likely to spread germs in your office:

2.    New CDC Disinfection Protocols

To stop the spread of COVID-19 and other contagious airborne diseases, the CDC and the EPA require businesses to follow strict disinfection guidelines for communal rooms, public restrooms, cafeterias, and outlets. Failing to adhere to these guidelines, such as using CDC-recommended disinfectants and wearing masks, could temporarily increase the risk of spread and halt your operations.

3.    Improved Air Quality

A dirty workplace with dusty furniture and workstations can encourage bacteria, and virus growth as these pathogens can easily latch on to dust particles and become airborne. Regular disinfection can remove all the dust particles from your commercial property, thus, ensuring that you or your team don’t get nasty headaches, infections, or eye/nose irritation.

4.    A Better First Impression

Modern consumers and employees are more health-conscious than their pre-pandemic counterparts. Therefore, a clean and fully-sanitized workplace can make a solid first impression whether you’re catering to clients or returning workers after the lifted restrictions.

The Importance of Regularly Disinfecting Your Home in the New Normal

1.    Lower Stress levels

Even with the vaccine programs in full play, it seems like no one is safe from germs, with new COVID-19 variants keep showing up every quarter. By having your how properly disinfected by a home restoration service near you, you can lower your chances of contracting any diseases that may threaten your health.

2.    Reduced Healthcare Costs

You can save thousands of dollars in medical bills by spending a few hundred dollars on professional cleaning and disinfecting services. Prevention is better than cure, and disinfection is one of the best ways to prevent pathogens from affecting your health.

3.    Improved Home Odor

Disinfectants aren’t just used to kill germs and pathogens. Many homes are infested with mold and mildew without the owners even knowing it. These fungi may be physically shy, but they make their presence known through their odor. By regularly disinfecting your home using commercially-available fungicides, you can halt their growth and ensure your home smells cleaner and fresher.

4.    Fewer Allergies

For homeowners with different types of allergies, regular cleaning and sanitizing can make a lot of difference to their health as it eliminates common allergens, such as dust, pet dander, mold, and food particles, especially in curtains, carpets, upholsteries, and damp areas like the bathroom and kitchen.

Renowned Disinfection Services – 911 Restoration

While there’s nothing wrong with taking a DIY route to clean and disinfect your home using commercially-available products, hiring professionals for the job will get you more effective results in terms of time and quality.

At 911 Restoration, we aim to help educate our customers about the importance of regularly disinfecting commercial and residential properties, especially in the COVID-19 era. More importantly, our team is equipped with the latest equipment and CDC-recommended cleaning solutions, so you can rest assured that we can rid your property of any biohazard that may be lurking in the shadows.

Feel free to call us and get in touch with us regarding our home restoration and disinfecting services.

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