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California Restoration Franchise Opportunities

Dream Big in California with a Cleaning Restoration Franchise

Due to its size, California is a dreamland for any type of adventure — whether you prefer big waves and sunshine or hiking and dense forestry. But with this diversity, California residents also endure a wide range of different natural disasters, including wildfires, earthquakes, droughts, flooding, and mudslides. These annual damages cause billions of dollars in personal and property losses and leave thousands of residents displaced and uncertain about their futures. The best way to reduce damages caused by disasters is by hiring caring and dependable local restoration companies. At 911 Restoration, we have several cleaning restoration franchise opportunities throughout California in areas like Fresno and Redding designed to restore people’s lives and provide comfort and assurance during hectic moments. With global warming causing more frequent and hazardous events, restoration professionals are needed now more than ever to minimize water, fire, and disaster-related damages.

Classic California Disaster Concerns Provide Restoration Franchise Opportunities

Of the 50 states, California is considered the most disaster prone region due to its widespread natural disaster occurrences including wildfires, earthquakes, droughts, mudslides, heat waves, and flooding. Since 1953, more than 80 disasters have been reported throughout California.

Recently, a slight increase in annual moisture levels since 1990 has caused more severe flooding and mudslide instances. However, even with large-scale floods and mudslides, earthquakes are still considered the most damaging natural disasters to take place in California. Hundreds of fault lines weave throughout California and while they contribute to the state’s various landscapes and climates, they also pose a continuous threat for California’s residents. In fact, two hundred fault lines in the state are presently considered hazardous and heavy shaking is expected to strike within the next 50 years, affecting at least 70 percent of the population. Additionally, every year, an estimated 11 small earthquake instances occur in the state.

Hot Weather in California Leads to Increased Wildfires and Heat Waves

The western U.S. has always been at an increased risk for experiencing wildfires due to dry climates and minimal moisture levels — in 2017, more than 66,000 wildfires were reported throughout the region. In California alone, these flames caused up to $9 billion in disaster damages. Unfortunately, wildfires have now become a frequent, hazardous occurrence for residents throughout many parts of the state. For some perspective, six of the 10 largest fires recorded in state history have happened within the past decade.

But what is the main cause for this increase in blazes statewide, as well as other natural disasters in California? While the western region has always experienced dry conditions and extremely hot temperatures, global warming is considered by experts to be the main cause for the increase in occurrence and intensity of the California annual wildfires. Climate change has caused the area to become more hot and dry than in past decades, and wildfires are able to spread quickly due to the high temperatures. With climate change only getting worse throughout the state and country, wildfires will become more frequent and widespread in the future.

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