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Break Time: Contests and Customer Appreciation

Over the holiday season we took a timeout from the CEO Blog while employees at the company spent time with family and friends. 2016 is here and we’re expecting a lot of big changes for the new year, both for employees and customers, but first we thought it would be fun to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the work place to just focus on appreciating the great customers we have and the wonderful 2015 we experienced as a company.

One way we’ve recently tried to show appreciation for our customers (and Facebook fans!) is by holding various fun contests with some fantastic prizes. For example, we’re currently running a $1,000 Video Contest called “The Fresh Start Challenge” that we are very passionate about.

The $1,000 Fresh Start Challenge

With the New Year still fresh and resolutions fast approaching, 911 Restoration challenges you to ask yourself “what would you do if given a second chance in life? A Fresh Start. Upload a short video stating exactly what a Fresh Start would mean to you. Then, nominate a friend or family member to share their Fresh Start video as well. We’ll share our favorite videos on our YouTube and Instagram page and the “Grand Prize Winner” will receive $1,000 in Cash!


Winning $1,000 is as easy as Like, Film, Share! Here’s what you need to do:


2 Easy Ways to Send us your Video:

1.) Post a video on our Facebook page, tweet @911Restoration on Twitter, or post on Instagram with the hashtag #BeTheFreshStart and we’ll automatically receive your entry.

2.) Click Here to go directly to our Fresh Start Challenge entry page. There, you can insert a URL link of your pre-uploaded video from your YouTube, Vine, or Instagram page.

The winner will be determined by our Fresh Start panel of judges based on the following video criteria: Answer, Inspiration, Creativity, and Rules. Bonus Pts: At the end of your video nominate 3 friends to enter for $1,000 as well, then”tag” them on Facebook. For Official Rules and more information about the contest, go to our Fresh Start Challenge blog page.

Cash Prize Contests every Month in 2016

It’s truly been a blast showing our appreciation to our customers and fans through contests. We look forward to rewarding as many prizes as we can in the new year as we hold a new, exciting contest every month. Enter the Fresh Start Challenge here, check out the winners of our “Stache for Cash” Movember Contest, and go to our 911 Restoration contest blog page for more contests.

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