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Join the Club: Celebrating our Most Successful Franchisees of 2016

Here at 911 Restoration we always remember to recognize when our franchise owners and their teams accomplish great things and on Wednesday, April 5th, our franchisees gathered together with our corporate staff in sunny Southern California to celebrate our branches’ many accomplishments from 2016.

Record-breaking Success for our Branches

The beautiful Vineyards in Simi Valley set the stage for our 9th annual franchise convention evening event — a night filled with gourmet culinary offerings and riveting entertainment that culminated in our franchise awards ceremony.

A yearly tradition at our 911 Restoration franchise convention, our awards ceremony recognizes both the financial and community achievements of our various branches in the 2016 calendar year. Last year was especially successful as more than 36% of our 70 nationwide branches surpassed over half a million in sales. Even more impressive, more than half of this group generated between $1 million and $5 million in sales, contributing to a record-breaking and overall prosperous year for the company.

Our Hands-on Approach at Headquarters

The hands-on approach of our team at corporate headquarters was a major contributing factor to 911 Restoration’s prosperous 2016. From innovative online marketing solutions to groundbreaking lead-generation technology, the tools we provide our branches on a monthly basis give them the edge they need to succeed in the ultra-competitive restoration industry.

In addition to helping our franchisees reach their business goals our co-founders Idan Shpizear and Peleg Lindenberg also make sure to instill the company’s core values of giving back and showing gratitude, something they call the “Fresh Start attitude.”

Franchise Success 2016“Everything starts with culture”, says company CEO Idan. “Helping others is part of our mission statement here at 911 Restoration and our goal has always been to build a better future for everyone through collaboration and innovation.”

While a financially successful year is a huge accomplishment for our branches, it’s the “Fresh Start” that our franchisees provided for both property owners and community members throughout the year that the company was and is most proud of. To commemorate this fantastic feat, franchises were also given community service awards for lending a helping hand in their local communities. The award recipients were allowed to address the newer franchisees on the importance of giving back, something that everyone in the room felt inspired by.

Ideas and Inspiration for the Future

Perhaps the most inspiring aspect of the awards ceremony was hearing the franchisees speak passionately about serving their local communities. Branch owners from Central New York, Virginia Beach, and Charlotte, among others, shared stories with the rest of the company about how giving back has changed their lives. Nobody in the room was happier to hear this than the the founders of this Fresh Start attitude, Peleg and Idan.

With another strong first quarter in 2017, 911 Restoration is already thinking of new ideas and future innovations to help our franchise branches succeed both in business and in their local community. And in turn, all of our franchisees are fired up coming out of the convention and look forward to many more fruitful years of serving their their communities and spreading the Fresh Start.

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