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Washington Restoration Franchise Opportunities

The Advantages of Owning a Disaster Restoration Franchise in Washington

Washington is a beautiful region with temperate climates and landscapes featuring the greenest trees and dense forestry, large blue mountains stretching above the clouds, and gray oceans lining its westernmost shore — not only is this area of the Pacific Northwest unique and stunning, but it’s even fortunate enough to be considered one of the safest regions in the United States to live. But even the most peaceful areas of the U.S. are not immune to its most unforgiving and devastating natural disasters. While Washington doesn’t experience frequent disastrous weather events, flooding, avalanches, mudslides, severe storms, and earthquakes are still common. When these events strike, widespread water damage, fire, and flooding often occur, leaving home and business owners with destroyed properties. To best minimize these disaster damages, cleaning restoration businesses in Washington are needed to quickly address the issue and perform water cleanup and disaster restoration services. Due to worsening global warming effects, the need for restoration franchises in Washington is growing, which is why 911 Restoration franchise is hoping to add new franchise locations in Washington regions such as Spokane and Olympia.

Worries about Washington Weather Provide Restoration Franchise Opportunities

While Washington state is considered one of the safest states in the country to live, the area is not impervious to occasional and devastating natural disaster events. Of recent history, the most memorable and large-scale event to strike the region was the eruption of Mount St. Helens in May of 1980. This eruption was the largest volcanic event to occur within the continental United States and is the most disastrous volcanic eruption in U.S. history. The Mount St. Helens disaster started with earthquakes shaking the region that then caused the largest landslide event ever recorded — the volcano later exploded in a cloud of gas, lava, rock, and ash. The final damage caused by this eruption resulted in destroyed city infrastructures, over 200 homes, forestry, and wildlife, all totaling $1.1 billion in damages.

The eruption of Mount St. Helens is no doubt one of the most devastating natural disaster events to take place in the state of Washington, however, another eruption is luckily not expected anytime in the near future. The weather events most Washington residents have to worry about today include severe storms, flooding, avalanches, tsunamis, and earthquakes. Like many other regions of the country, global warming has affected the climate throughout the state — higher recorded temperatures and precipitation levels as well as rising sea levels means less annual snowfall throughout the state and more heavy rainfall. The increased moisture levels can cause river levels to rise and flood the region — this can even cause mudslides. In recent history, the following flooding events throughout Washington have caused extensive and costly damages:

  • May and June 1948 — flooding in the Columbia Basin destroyed 5,000 homes, causing $100 million in overall damages.
  • February 1996 — nearly the entire state was affected by flooding when cold temperatures froze the ground and excessive rainfall was forced to runoff, causing river levels to rise that led to avalanches, mudslides, and widespread flooding. Overall, 2,600 homes were destroyed and total damages equaled $120 million.
  • November 2006 — this was the wettest November on record, caused by sub-tropical storms. Excess moisture produced up to 38 inches of rain in the Cascades and Olympics regions. Flooding occurred in nearly all of the rivers state-wide, causing $70 million in damages.
  • December 2007 — several severe storms in December 2007 flooded the Bogachiel River and several nearby systems which not only caused widespread water damages, but over 2,000 landslides as well. Total damages caused by this event equaled $500 million.
  • January 2009 — rain and high levels of snow flooded several rivers in western Washington. Nearly 3,000 homes were either completely destroyed or suffered major property damage. These storms also produced 1,500 landslides and totaled $72 million in damages.

Along with increased instances of flooding, earthquakes are still a very present and imminent danger throughout Washington. Washington is actually the second highest state at risk for a catastrophic earthquake event in the near future. There are several small fault lines near the Cascadia Subduction Zone that can cause sporadic earthquakes throughout the year — currently, over 1,000 earthquakes are detected each year, 12 of those being felt. When earthquakes or other natural disasters occur in this region of the Pacific Northwest, 911 Restoration hopes to have cleaning restoration franchise locations in all areas of Washington in order to provide local residents with peace of mind and a Fresh Start.

The Top Washington Restoration Franchise Opportunities are at 911 Restoration

Are you looking for a rewarding new business opportunity where you can control your economic future and growth possibilities as well as contribute to your community and help people in need? By opening a cleaning restoration franchise in Washington with 911 Restoration, you can join a diverse and fast growing restoration company dedicated to helping local residents while providing lucrative and rewarding business opportunities for our current and new franchise owners. In fact, we’ve recently been recognized as one of the fastest growing franchises in the country by Entrepreneur and we’re now looking for caring, innovative, and motivated individuals in the state of Washington to take advantage of our restoration franchise opportunities in areas like Spokane and Olympia.

At 911 Restoration franchise, we’re dedicated to providing the most comprehensive, professional, and reliable water damage, fire, mold, and disaster restoration services throughout the entire country. By joining our successful disaster restoration franchise, you’re not only benefiting your community by minimizing personal losses after a catastrophic natural disaster event, but you’re becoming part of a stable and growing restoration franchise industry that has numerous avenues for personal and financial growth. For some context, the recession-proof restoration franchise industry is valued at $210 billion annually and expected to continue growing due to worsening global warming.

Own a Cleaning Restoration Franchise in Washington or the Pacific Northwest Today

911 Restoration is the premier water damage, fire, mold, and disaster restoration franchise serving communities in Washington and throughout the United States. We’re dedicated to offering the most professional and reliable restoration services around and are looking for qualified candidates to join our team by opening up a new cleaning franchise location in Washington areas like Spokane and Olympia. To learn more about our lucrative franchise opportunities in Washington, call us now at (877) 643-5766 to speak to a franchise specialist. Or, download our FREE starter kit here to start your journey toward owning a Washington restoration franchise today!


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