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Virginia Restoration Franchise Opportunities

Why You Should Own a Disaster Restoration Franchise in Virginia

Property owners in Virginia take great pride in their homes and businesses. Virginia is, after all, a state defined by beautiful structures, rich history, and close communities. Unfortunately, Virginia properties are also uniquely at risk of damage and destruction. Not only can any property fall victim to human-caused damages such as pipe bursts and toilet backups, but local buildings are vulnerable to the increasingly erratic weather of Charlottesville, Roanoke, and the surrounding communities. Recent events prove it. In 2018, less than seven months passed between Governor Northam declaring a state of emergency following the storms in Lynchburg and the severe flooding of the Roanoke Valley following Hurricane Michael. Disasters are becoming more frequent, less predictable, and increasingly destructive. At 911 Restoration franchise, we believe local communities in Virginia are desperately in need of compassionate, reliable disaster restoration services. We are currently on the lookout for strong leaders and business owners in Virginia to open new restoration franchise locations in Charlottesville and nearby areas. If you’re interested in getting in on one of the fastest growing franchises in the U.S., read on for more information about our company and what we’re looking for.

Discover Recession-Proof Restoration Franchise Opportunities in Virginia

We’re seeing an uptick in Virginia disasters for one simple reason: global warming. Global warming is a force that won’t be letting up any time soon. As time progresses, local property owners can expect wilder storms, more tornadoes, and more reckless hurricanes. Property restoration was already a recession-proof industry, given the everyday occurrences of leaks, sewage backups, and puffbacks. Now, with weather events growing more intense year by year, there’s no denying that the demand for property restoration is bound to skyrocket. In fact, the United States already sees over $170 million in commercial losses from natural disasters every year. That’s in commercial losses alone, from natural disasters alone. It’s no wonder property restoration is now a $210 billion industry and growing. If there’s one thing entrepreneurs like you can count on, it’s that the value of restoration will only rise from here on out.

If you already work in some area of property restoration or cleaning services, you’ve likely noticed this increase in demand. It stands to reason, then, that making the shift to a full-service restoration franchise equals an opportunity to increase your profits and your client base exponentially. Already have a plumbing business? A roofing business? Carpet cleaning? Experience in any of these fields is bound to help you make an unbelievably easy transition into a more lucrative franchise opportunity without losing the clients that have made you successful. In fact, when you own a restoration franchise in Charlottesville or Roanoke, you have the opportunity to significantly increase your customer base and benefit from higher transactions. But suppose you’re coming from an entirely different industry altogether? No problem. At 911 Restoration franchise, we care far more about your leadership skills, attitude, and potential than we do about your resume. Anyone who is eager to learn, driven to succeed, and recognizes the importance of working within a team is someone we want on our side. We’ll take care of everything else, from training and certification to help purchasing vehicles and equipment.

A 911 Restoration Franchise in Virginia is the Best Business Investment

Of course, 911 Restoration isn’t the only franchise opportunity out there. So, why choose us? Aside from the security that comes with investing in restoration, you get the backing of a nationally recognized name. 911 Restoration already has locations all over the country and is known coast to coast for caring, emergency service. When clients consider reaching out for your restoration services, they’re reaching out to a name they recognize. Or, at the very least, a name that brings up stellar reviews and an indisputable track record in online searches. Entrepreneur even named 911 Restoration among the best franchises in the United States. This success is a reflection of the hard work that goes on at every one of our disaster restoration franchises. The business owners and staff who represent 911 Restoration do so with professionalism, grace, expertise, and positive attitudes.

A good attitude is priority number one at 911 Restoration franchise. The reason for this is, we are always encountering customers on their worst days. They feel disheartened, overwhelmed, and worried. Our first job before anything else is to give them peace of mind and inspire them to trust us with every aspect of their property restoration needs. We do this in part by approaching every project with the Fresh Start attitude. “Fresh Start” refers to our company-wide philosophy that no disaster needs to be a tragic end. Rather, each challenge we encounterwhether it’s a hurricane or a misplaced file — is an opportunity to grow, learn, and emerge stronger than ever. The franchise owners at 911 Restoration encourage this attitude in employees and clients alike. It’s the very thing that sets us apart, and the reason why we work exclusively with business owners who can embrace this same philosophy. If you bring an entrepreneurial mindset, a strong worth ethic, and a Fresh Start attitude, 911 Restoration will pay you back in spades, from 24/7 franchise support to the benefit of our multi-million-dollar marketing system. You can’t lose.

Immediate Need For Disaster Restoration Franchise Owners across Virginia

If you think a 911 Restoration franchise in Virginia is right for you, there’s only one thing we ask: act quickly. There’s no question that demand is high in Charlottesville and Roanoke right now, but plenty of business owners are catching on to the security a restoration franchise investment offers. Get in while supply is low, and help us establish 911 Restoration as an expert cleaning restoration company and a staple of the local Virginia community. We promise you: you’ll have a hard time finding an opportunity that comes with lower risk and higher rewards. If you’re ready to invest in a franchise or at least learn more, download your FREE starter kit. You can also reach us at (877) 643-5766. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have, and we look forward to having you on our team.


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