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Why It’s Important to Have a Sense of Purpose

One of my favorite quotes says, “Purpose is the reason you journey. Passion is the fire that lights your way.” This brilliant quote holds true for finding your purpose in life, but also applies to running a successful business as well. In fact, whether you’re an already established organization or a (fresh) start-up company, starting off with a strong sense of purpose can be the difference between being average and extraordinary. With this in mind ask yourself, “what kind of organization do I want to be a part of?”

Be the Differenceblank

The difference between average organizations and truly exceptional ones are that the latter focus their energies and efforts on being a purpose-driven company. If an organization infuses its purpose into everything it does, employees are more likely to engage with company leaders and get on board with, new ideas. Creating a “culture of purpose” is easier said than done, however. Plenty of CEOs talk a big game about instilling the kind of culture they want, but fall short when it comes to creating a truly positive environment.

One way to avoid this professional pitfall is to put your life purpose right into your company mission statement. Here at 911 Restoration, the fresh start company, we challenge our employees to “be the fresh start.” This “Fresh Start attitude” comes from the top down and can be felt throughout every department of company headquarters. The result? Happier, more positive employees who are much more likely to mobilize and share new ideas. Not only that, but having a strong sense of purpose is also great for your health!

Be Healthy

Having a sense of purpose can help you both professionally as well as personally. This is because research shows that finding your calling in life can actually add years onto your life, regardless of your age. This is especially important for older entrepreneurs contemplating early retirement without a clear vision of what comes next. If you’re asking yourself “what now?”, consider finding something you’re passionate about before you hang up your hat.

blankFor me, my passion lies in helping to create a better future for children. Not just my own three children, but any kids out there in need of guidance and inspiration. This is just one of the many reasons why I volunteer every month to speak to inner-city children at local high schools through the Youth Business Alliance (YBA) program.

I absolutely adore speaking to kids and sparking their imagination to the idea that anything is possible. I truly believe that if you can envision a different future for yourself, you can actually go out and achieve it. Helping kids gives me a sense of purpose and fills me with passion every single day. Making a difference in the lives of others, that’s the Fresh Start attitude!

Be Here Tomorrow to Do it All Over Again

The powerful thing about having a sense of purpose is that no matter what, during both successes and failures, your focus will remain on what’s important to you. For me, coming home to my kids every evening is what keeps me going strong. After a tough day at the office, the smiles on their faces remind me why I work so hard to give them the fresh start that I never had. Whatever you decide your purpose is, hold true to that vision no matter what and make sure you nurture it every single day.

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