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Creating the Right Kind of Company Culture

People who are entering the workforce right now aren’t just looking for a job – they’re looking for a company culture that reflects their own ambitions, outlooks, and ideals. The millennial generation employment retention rate is at an all-time low as employees have started placing a higher importance on their working environment than ever before. It’s no longer enough to simply make money. Employees in 2015, especially millennials, want to make a difference. And this difference begins with your company’s culture, starting with the CEO or company leader.

Be a Leader Through Support

Your employees spend a majority of their day at work, so of course they would like to enjoy this time as much as you would. If you promote a relaxed, friendly environment this will trickle down through the ranks and your team will begin to feel more relaxed and friendly as well. Similarly, if you promote a serious, no-nonsense environment, your team will feel that as well.  Employees receive their cultural cues from their superiors, so it’s important to seriously consider the type of culture you want your company to embody and to embody it yourself.

blankWhen this is done successfully, you will see a distinct strengthening of your company’s brand and strategy. A strong culture leads to a strong internal and external brand. If the right culture is cultivated, starting from the leaders and being encouraged throughout the staff, your employees will become brand ambassadors – promoting the company’s ideals in everything they do. This will translate directly into how they interact with customers and maintain your brand and values.

911 Restoration’s 10 Fresh Start Pillars act as a company standard and framework for employees and customers alike, and the 911 Restoration team strongly believes in these pillars because they reflect our company’s values. An alignment of our Fresh Start attitude with our supportive and encouraging company culture creates a shared language which allows employees and team members to be united in what we do. Our customer service has become stronger through the support of our culture.

Be Respectful of Everyone

Creating a strong company culture not only positively affects the way your employees interact with customers, but also how your employees interact with each other.  Having a positive company culture means your employees will be more positive about their job, excited about coming into work each morning, and proud of their communal successes. This will increase productivity along with morale while lowering interpersonal tensions. When work tension between teammates is gone, so is the fear of failing in their eyes, meaning ideas and creativity will flow more freely. In addition, companies with great cultures have recorded having fewer sick days and vacation days among employees. In short, employees enjoy coming to a work environment where they are respected by their peers and allowed freedom of creativity.

blankBe Bold, Do Something New

I strongly believe that good company culture stems from a supportive leadership and a collaborative experience. Recently during our monthly corporate meetings, instead of starting off the day in a conference room I’ve been gathering the company together for a few early morning team building exercises. With a little bit of friendly competition and motivation to succeed, I have seen my employees building stronger occupational bonds, which in turn has led to higher work performances and job satisfaction. By the time we sit down for our usual meeting, the ice has already been broken and everyone is more engaged and willing to contribute. Defining and building a culture within your own company will generate positivity and increase productivity among your team and will lead to a better working relationship between you, your employees, and your customers.

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