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How We Built a Successful Restoration Franchise Brand

BRAND IMPORTANCE:  The restoration franchise industry is brand-driven. When property owners need their home or business repaired after a major disaster, they want a restoration company they can trust. Brand establishes trust more than any other component of a company. In fact, a brand establishes a relationship with your customer before they even call you.

BRAND NAME: The name 911 Restoration is catchy, memorable, and benefits from both national visibility and consumer confidence.

BRAND COLORS: When you join our restoration franchise, you’ll benefit from our distinct brand color palette that is easy for consumers to recognize: Orange, Blue, and White. Colors define our business, Fresh Start attitude, and build brand recognition with customers.

911 Restoration: Building a Brand that Makes the World a Better Place

STORY: The story of 911 Restoration immediately becomes your story of your business which provides instant credibility.

CONNECTION TO SOMETHING GREATER: A brand elevates your business. Your restoration business is part of something bigger.

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  • "There’s a huge sense of pride to say that I’m with 911 Restoration. It’s great being a part of a team that supports you like family."


    911 Restoration of Washington D.C.

    911 Restoration

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