Wisconsin Restoration Franchise Opportunities

Why You Should Own a Restoration Franchise in Wisconsin or Another Midwest State

The Midwest is one of the best states to own a restoration cleaning franchise, due to its densely-populated cities and the frequent occurrence of natural disasters in the area. From Minneapolis to Chicago to Cleveland, Midwest restoration business owners are reaping the benefits of the recession-proof restoration franchise industry. If starting a restoration business in Wisconsin or another Midwest state sounds like something you’re interested in, keep reading to learn more about franchise opportunities at 911 Restoration.

Midwest Disasters Provide Opportunities for Wisconsin Restoration Cleaning Businesses

It’s no secret that the Midwest and surrounding areas are prone to many natural disasters including tornadoes, hurricanes, freezing temperatures, massive storms, cyclones, snow, and flooding, which result in all sorts of problems for homeowners and business owners such as water damage, flood damage, and mold overgrowth. Due to the increase in these disasters in the Midwest largely as a result of global warming and human interference, Midwest restoration cleaning companies and cleaning franchises are “cleaning up.”

This is one of the reasons why the restoration franchise industry is considered recession-proof at a current value and growing of $210 billion. There are countless business opportunities in the Midwest area because reliable restoration services are becoming more and more necessary every year. So if you’re a Wisconsin business owner, whether in the carpet cleaning, roofing, janitorial, or construction industries, you should consider Wisconsin franchise opportunities with the Fresh Start Company, 911 Restoration. We have regional support for any new Midwest franchisees, with successful restoration cleaning franchises operating currently in Minneapolis, Chicago, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Southern Illinois, and Detroit.

The Top Wisconsin Franchise Opportunities are at 911 Restoration Franchise

If you’re looking for the top franchise opportunities in Wisconsin or the Midwest in general, 911 Restoration has low cost franchises available in Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, Cincinnati, Columbus, and Dayton, just to name a few. Some of the benefits of joining 911 Restoration franchise are the fact that we are a low cost franchise under $100K as well as our recent franchise rankings by Entrepreneur for being one of the fastest growing franchises in the U.S. as well as one of the best franchise opportunities in the country.

Some ideal candidates to become a 911 Restoration franchise owner include the following related trades: current Midwest contractors, cleaning businesses in Wisconsin, Milwaukee carpet cleaning companies, restoration business owners, and any entrepreneur or investor looking to explore lucrative business opportunities in the Midwest. In fact, you don’t even need previous water damage restoration experience to buy a restoration franchise, because you’ll be trained in all the restoration services you’ll need to start a successful franchise in your region.


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911 Restoration Looking to Open Restoration Franchises in the Midwest, including Wisconsin

911 Restoration franchise does not currently have a disaster restoration franchise in Wisconsin, which is one of the reasons why we’re so eager to find new franchise owners in Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, and other areas in the Midwest. This means that if you currently own a cleaning business in Wisconsin, we want you to explore Midwest restoration franchise opportunities with 911 Restoration. Our previous restoration cleaning franchise in Milwaukee was quite successful, so don’t wait. Call us today at (877) 643-5766 or download your FREE Starter Kit here to find out more about our best available franchise opportunities!