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West Virginia Restoration Franchise Opportunities

Why You Consider Owning a Restoration Franchise in West Virginia

When you think of West Virginia, you likely think of the John Denver song celebrating the natural splendor of this state with rising mountings and dipping valleys, widespread dense forests, and flowing rivers. And although West Virginia is appealing to so many local residents for its beautiful landscape and down-to-earth lifestyle, this state is also subject to more intense rainfall, unexpected flash flooding, and flooded river ways, largely due to its topography. Devastating statewide flooding has happened as recently as 2016, and local residents as a result are in need of skilled, knowledgeable, and reliable disaster restoration professionals specializing in water damage remediation to reduce damage to property and personal belongings. It’s with this in mind that strive to open new cleaning restoration franchises in West Virginia areas like Charleston and Morgantown.

Extreme Weather in West Virginia Leads to Restoration Franchise Provide Opportunities

Not only is West Virginia’s range of climates and landscapes a cause for concern for rising instances of natural disasters, but worsening global warming has also lead to extreme weather conditions throughout the area. The effects of global warming have resulted in heavier rainfalls throughout the country, resulting in flash floods and flooding rivers. In West Virginia, home and business owners can not only expect severe levels of flooding, but also some snowfall, fires, and droughts. Sometimes flooding can be predicted by your local television weatherman, but in other moments due to unexpected heavy levels of rain in a short period of time, widespread flooding occurs without any forewarning leading to extensive water damage and displacement. In West Virginia, average rainfall each year exceeds 40 inches statewide, and between 2005 and 2014 the state declared 16 FEMA-related natural disasters, with 12 of those being directly related to extreme flooding.

Below are some of West Virginia’s most costly and damaging flooding disasters in recent history:

  • 1977: In early spring of 1977, the residents located throughout the Tug Valley area of West Virginia experienced devastating flooding resulting from excessive rainfall. The result of this heavy rain led to the Tug River flooding, causing over $200 million in damages and resulted in years of rebuilding efforts throughout the area.
  • 1985: During the month of November in 1985, remnants of Hurricane Juan created up to 10 inches of rainfall throughout the state, causing extensive river flooding. The effects of this storm resulted in $570 million in property damage — spreading throughout 3,500 homes and 180 businesses.
  • 2016: The most recent of West Virginia’s most damaging flood-related disasters occurred during the summer of 2016. Approximately 8 to 10 inches of rain fell on West Virginia in under 12 hours. The governor declared a state of emergency in 14 counties. Over 5,500 homes were destroyed and the total damages equaled $300 million.

Instances of intense flooding have been a regular occurrence throughout West Virginia for several decades and due to worsening global warming, these disasters are not expected to improve. To minimize damages and provide a needed helping hand, entrepreneurs and business owners alike should look into starting a new restoration franchise in West Virginia. The restoration industry is one of the most stable and steady industries to invest your time and money — it is considered recession-proof and currently valued at $210 billion.

The Best West Virginia Restoration Franchise Opportunities are at 911 Restoration

In West Virginia, the diverse topography and worsening global warming means that annual rainfall and instances of flooding are only increasing. Due to this, home and business owners throughout the state are in need of thorough, attentive restoration services performed by caring, knowledgeable local water damage professionals. With proactive restoration efforts, property damage can be minimized and residents can return to their comfortable daily lives faster. At 911 Restoration franchise, we’re dedicated to making a positive and lasting impression throughout the state of West Virginia. We have lucrative restoration franchise opportunities in West Virginia, specializing in water damage, fire, and disaster restoration services as well as mold remediation. Currently, we have open restoration franchise opportunities in Charleston and Morgantown, WV as well as throughout the state, and are looking for both entrepreneurs and current business owners in related restoration industries like carpet cleaning to inquire.

As discussed earlier, the $210 billion restoration franchise industry is rapidly expanding due to both global warming and an increase in demand, and at 911 Restoration, we’ve also been recognized as one of the fastest growing franchises in the country. This is just one of the many benefits of owning a cleaning franchise in West Virginia with us. We also strive to always create a supportive environment for our franchise owners and provide extensive training to ensure that all of our franchisees are always the most knowledgeable and compassionate restoration experts in the industry. Lastly, no matter what type of prior experience you have, from restoration beginner to advanced remediation technician, we will work with you and your team 24/7 to ensure that your new branch becomes the most successful restoration business in entire state of West Virginia. If you think you’d be a good candidate for a great business opportunity like this, keep reading for more information.

Explore our Cleaning Restoration Franchise Opportunities in West Virginia Today

If you’re looking for the best restoration franchise opportunities in West Virginia, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at 911 Restoration today. We believe in providing all local residents of West Virginia with reliable and affordable disaster restoration services, which is why we’re looking for add ambitious new franchise owners in areas like Morgantown and Charleston to our team in the very near future. If you’re ready to take the next step and want to learn more about some of our fantastic West Virginia restoration franchise opportunities today, give us a call directly at (877) 643-5766 or go ahead and download our FREE starter package for more franchise information.

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